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What is Aangat Lahat?

Kamusta! Welcome to Aangat Lahat. In Tagalog, Aangat means "to lift up" or "to rise up" and lahat means "all" so aangat lahat to me can mean either "we should lift each other up" as in mutual aid or "we should all rise up" as in to rebel against oppressive systems like capitalism and governments.

So the services under Aangat Lahat is my way of offering some sort of digital mutual aid that provides free online communications to people who want it. Unfortunately, the amount of time and resources that I can dedicate to support and dealing with abuse is limited, so right now I can only offer this to a few people at a time. Also, know that this is an anti-capitalist, anti-state, anti-fascist, anti-racist, anti-sexist, anti-homophobic, anti-transphobic, anti-military, anti-cop, anti-ableist, anti-zionist server. Behavior that goes against these values, promotes systematic oppression, or engages in any sort of discrimination will have their accounts deleted.

Let me know if you're interested in an account by sending me a message at

For Current Members

If you have an account, you can find the dashboard in this page. From there, you can log in and manage the services that are available to you. If you run into any issues, check out the status page to see if the services are running or contact me on:

Services running


Members have access to various communications and productivity tools. These are running on FreedomBox and Debian under the hood.

  • 📮 Email
    • Your own email address with unlimited aliases.
  • 🗨️ Jabber
    • Instant messaging with audio/video calls.
  • 💽 File sharing
    • Share files like images and videos.
  • 📅 Calendar, journals, contacts, and to-do lists
    • You can use it for productivity stuff, too!
  • 🗞️ RSS reader
    • Follow blogs, podcasts, Mastodon accounts, etc.

Delta Chat

I also provide an email service that's meant to be used with the Delta Chat instant messenger. Unlike the other services, however, anyone can use this anonymously. That means you don't have to contact me to create an account! Just download Delta Chat and tap or scan the QR code on the page. It gives you unlimited, random email addresses and it will only allow you to send encrypted emails. Check it out on

Privacy and security


A lot of attention has been put towards minimizing the amount of data collected on this server. Event and access logs are never logged even in memory. You're also very much welcome to access this website over Tor or a VPN as well.

Note, however, that a lot of things are not encrypted on this server right now so I (and, if somehow seized, the US government) have access to the unencrypted data like sent emails and chats and attachments. Make sure to use encryption as much as you can when you use email (get people to use Mailvelope, Delta Chat, GPGTools, or Thunderbird ) or when using Jabber (clients like Conversations, ChatSecure, Dino, or Gajim come with encryption) or when uploading files (check out or Picocrypt) so that nobody can access your data. Your information will of course never be viewed unless I'm investigating severe abuse or spam or if it gets into the hands of law enforcement.

Also, consider deleting old data that you no longer need as well if possible. (Thunderbird lets you do this and Delta Chat, too)

Information collected

Email messages

Email messages that are sent and received can be accessed by the administrator. They are not encrypted automatically at rest so the contacts of the email including who it was sent to can be read. I will never look into your emails, but I encourage you to check out tools like Mailvelope, Delta Chat, GPGTools, or Thunderbird with your contacts to encrypt them. Alternatively, I provide a Delta Chat specific server that only allows encrypted connections.


Similarly to email, Jabber and IRC messages are also unencrypted. I encourage you to look into Conversations, ChatSecure, Dino, or Gajim when using Jabber with your contacts to encrypt your messages.

Files uploaded

Files uploaded on Nextcloud are encrypted, but the keys can be accessed by the administrator. I encourage you to use or Picocrypt before uploading any sensitive files.

CalDAV (calendar) and CardDAV (contacts) entries

Calendar events, contacts, to-do lists, and journals that you store on Radicale are not encrypted and can be accessed by the administrator.

RSS feeds being followed

The blogs and podcasts that you follow on Tiny Tiny RSS are not encrypted and can be accessed by the administrator.

Information not collected

IP addresses

IP addresses are not logged to memory or to the disk. You're also very much welcome to access this website over Tor or a VPN!

Event logs when using the service

The various events created by a member (time and date of login, page visits, number of logins, etc.) are not logged.

Name, phone number, address, or financial information

Real names, phone numbers, addresses, or financial information is not requested when a member signs up. Only a username is necessary for any member.

Member's system details

There's no browser fingerprinting or logging of operating system information on the various systems.

Code of Conduct

Similar to Autistici, you are not allowed to do the following:

  1. Promoting fascism, nazism, militarism, copaganda, zionism, state nationalism, or contributing to the discrimination, harassment or harm against any individual or group through forms of discrimination based on gender, race, religion or sexual orientation, along with issuing statements which are racist, xenophobic, ableist or discriminatory in any other form.
  2. Sending advertisement or unsolicited messages, spam, junk mail, bulk emails or mailing list emails to persons who have not specifically agreed to be their recipients, or making the recipient address available as a response address for spam sent via a third party, as well as using email for purposes such as “no reply” type of accounts for a business-related purpose.
  3. Using the services for financial gain, including but not limited to trading and managing sales, commercial projects, enterprises and other profit oriented activities. This includes cryptocurrency related services. (Exceptions can be made for those project that put DIY or mutual support and local solidarity before the concept of capital and personal income, when this is well documented and discussed with us when requesting the service).
  4. Using the services in order to promote institutional political parties or any other organization that already has the financial resources to widely spread its own content and ideas, or those who use the concept of (explicit or implicit) delegation and representation in its day-to-day relationships and projects.

If people report and submit evidence of you doing the following, your account will be deleted.

Operated by a human

I'm doing my best to limit the amount of data stored on the server, and I'm continuously vigilant about protecting people's data. I will do my best to prevent anyone from accessing the information on this server. That said, I can make mistakes so some data or metadata may find its way into log files or backups and may not be properly expunged. Please also do your best to delete your data frequently (Thunderbird lets you do this and Delta Chat, too) and also encrypt them as much as you can. Thank you!


If you find this service useful, please consider making a donation at Ko-fi. Servers are not cheap, and it takes time to maintain it so help me out if you're able to!